Tutorial - Painting Letters on Fabric

I love fabric.  I also love words.  And I love typography.  Combining those 3 loves is SO much fun for me!

I am always looking for ways to add letters to fabric projects without using my printer.  There are a ton of different ways - this is one I just added to my repertoire.

 To start with I found a letter I wanted to use, and sketched it on white copy paper.  I cut out the inside of the letter, creating a stencil.

Using a very light amount of spray baste, or spray adhesive, I set the stencil on the fabric.  If your letter has a center bit that is seperate, make sure you add it too!
 Then I grabbed my fabric paint and pouncing sponge.  Following the directions I put one layer of paint on in a light dab.  I wanted to give it a weathered look, that will fade a bit with time.
 After peeling the stencil back I have the awesome graphic!
 I allowed the paint to dry overnight.  It feels like the paint printing on a tshirt.  It is still flexible but feels very solid.  i used red thread and lightly outlined the letter both on the background and right inside the edge of the white letter.
 I love how it outlines the letter on the back!

 It makes a great addition to this current project.  I will definitely be using fabric paint for many projects.  I can also see using stencils you can get for walls to add fun graphics to your fiber art.


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