Block 135 thru 138 our of 368

 In my continual reading of various blogs for quilting techniques and ideas, and just to see what people do with fabric, I find the most unexpectedly perfect things sometimes.  The blog called the Quilting Edge is certainly one of those discoveries.  Written by a artist that builds works that I just LOVE, a tutorial about wonky curves caught my eye.
 The first step was to chose some fabrics and colors to work with.  this technique cries out for solid colors and great contrast.  I went with a purple, light yellow, black print and a neutral colored batik.  I was not sure how much size I would lose in the process, so planning for a 4.5 inch finish, I cut 7 inch blocks.

After stacking them and rutting the corner edge to keep the stacking level, I used my 45mm rotary cutter and randomly cut my first curve.  I found it difficult to keep the stack straight without the layers shifting out of place.  What I found was - it doesn't matter! Part of the fun of this technique is that each block will be utterly unique.
 After a bit of my favorite direction - cut and sew, cut and sew - I squared off my blocks.  I probably could have started with 6 inch blocks, I lost just over an inch total.  However, it will depend on the number of the cuts you make - each cut you should lose about a 1/5 inch or so.

Once I put my squares together, I backed it with a block of the batik.  Using my current favorite thread color of red I added quilting in alternating echos.  I can definitely see myself using this technique a lot - I am a wonky kind of gal!


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