WIP it Wednesday - My First!

I have to admit something.
It's a little embarrassing.
I have a problem recognizing what abbreviations mean.  
I am a voracious reader.  While I have a very good vocabulary like most readers I tend to understand a words meaning based on context, not dictionary definitions.  It leads to some hysterical mistakes, but also an excellent use of language in speaking and writing.  
However, a downside of understanding the written word that way means I look at abbreviations and tend to understand them in context.  I tend to not understand what the letters actually stand for unless someone tells me.

Awesome picture courtesy of the Turquoise Penguin
Which is why it has taken me this many years of reading quilting blogs, social websites, and books to understand what WIP stands for.  I knew it meant unfinished project, but it finally occurred to me it literally means 'works in progress'.
I feel like I have a lightbulb above my head right now. 

So with this shocking discovery I have decided its time to add a Wednesday feature (WIP it Wednesday, get it?!?!) for WIPs.  Blog land abounds with WIP Wednesday postings.  I can see why; its an excellent way to quantify what we are working on - most quilters have many pies and fingers happening after all.

My goal for me is to see my own WIP progress week by week and hopefully get better with completion rates and keeping track of whats going on.

So deep breath - here goes with my first WIP it Wednesday with a starting list of WIPs.

For purposes of clarification I am only going to include works in current progress or an item that is in design stages with a completion date.  I will not include UFOs, or items started and never finished but not currently at the sewing table.  Mostly because that would quadruple this already long list and post!

40% of the QAYG 368 Project quilt.  244 squares to fill!

- 368 Project from this blog.  While I prefer to do a block a day, with this many projects I am happy with a minimum of 1 every 7 days or less.  Last block created on 6/7/2014.

Some of my finished blocks I am sending and the ones I have received.

- Monthly swap of 5 blocks per month.  Blocks are all completed, just need to finish signature blocks and send off June's swaps.

- Sample blocks for the next swap - losely based on Dear Jane style quilting, the rules are  - 50 each of 2 different blocks, in black and a 'bright' fabric.  Samples are due by June 15th.  My blocks will be a faux cathedral window and Orange Peel.

Commissioned quilt rows ready to sew.  I use baskets to contain and separate WIPs.  They then live at my sewing table.  This helps me keep WIPs down - I only have so many baskets  :)
 -Commissioned quilt.  Rows are ready to go, want to sew a minimum of 1 row per day.  40 rows to go.

Span the Distance blocks from Jan thru March

-QAYG project from this blog, Span the Distance in Stitches.  We are both a bit behind, so I need to finish compiling the May and June packages for M.

1/2 of Play Time
Remaining cut fabrics for Play Time

- Play Time quilt.  I have 1/2 done of this paint chip color challenge.  I want this for my couch, so while i am not rushing, I want it done.  My goal for now is to make 2-3 blocks a week.  15 blocks to go!

I think these will look great as a bag.
-Pre-sewing to do for June Quilting Bee with our guild.  I need to take the 2 fabrics and sandwich + quilt them.  Then take that quilted piece in to complete the bag project we are doing.  Need to do this this week in time for quilting bee!

-I am in the design stage of a baby quilt that needs to be done for a baby shower at the end of July.  Little girl with modern young parents - colors are a peach/orange, blue, green, white and gray.  I am thinking chevrons, but still thinking.  Want to have fabrics chosen by next week.

There we go!  8 current WIPs.  Next week I will blog progress.  What are your WIPs?  How many projects do you have going at once?  Do they all have wish deadlines, or actual deadlines?  How do you track your WIPs and keep them organized?  What is your favorite modern baby quilt you have seen lately?
Happy sewing!


  1. 1. Baby quilt for girl
    2. Baby quilt for boy
    3. Current block swap
    4. Blocks for September block swap
    5. Christmas lap quilt
    6. Pat Sloan's Globetrotting BOM
    7. Kraken quilt for hubs (design phase)
    8. Art quilt for State Fair entry (design phase)

    1. You have lots of pies going too! I have been looking at Pat Sloan's BOM - some gorgeous blocks coming from that.
      Come share your progress next week, hopefully we will both have something updated! :)


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