Block 149 of 368

This block rose from my being infatuated with all the nested churn block posts I have seen lately.  While I am not a traditional quilter and tend not to love traditional blocks, this one somehow just speaks to me.  The more posts I saw, the more curious I became.  If you are as well, here is where it (kinda) started.  

In this case I went backwards.  I made my wallhanging before I made my test block for this project.  Well, actually, I got to 4.5 inches on the wallhanging and did not want to stop, lol.  Here is the result, now hanging in my living room.

I used wild batiks I have had for ages and had trouble finding good projects to use them.  The light nests are all in shades of grey, my new favorite neutral.

 For this block as the 368 Project I still stuck with grey neutrals but decided to go for the scrappy look with HST corners in a richer hue than the centers.  I also reversed the color/neutral setting.  I am really not sure which I prefer.
 For the back I used a scrap from a print I have that was also used in the back of my wall hanging.  A fun quilters digest black and white print.

For the quilting I used the wavy lines stitch on the machine.  I did the same in the wall hanging in a large grid, for this block I went with close parallel lines on the diagonal.  
I have a much better understanding of why the churn dash is such a classic.  This also got me thinking about other blocks you can nest with.  So much fun!


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