Block 131 thru 134 of 368

I have seen a ton of pictures and tutorials for making a twister block.  The basic premise is to put together squares of fabric, then cut them on the corners at a 30 degree angle, then put those squares back together making a tessellation of twister blocks.  Depending on the design of the squares you start with it can create secondary designs.

I find I prefer the scrappy look, when the spins kind of flow one to the other - some very stand out, and some blending with the next.

I elected to try this technique and add it to this project.  I have a huge amount of small scraps, so I wanted to make fairly mini twister blocks.  I had a couple of challenges.  First one is - I don't have the twister tool that makes this whole process work best.  I found an online tutorial I modified for one of my acrylic 2.5" rulers.
Using a wax pencil I drew a 30 degree line crossing in the middle of the 2 inch grid. 
 With that started - I sewed my grid of squares.  I elected to add a border of 4 green fabrics.  If you use the same fabric in a row like that it creates a sawtooth design.

 Then, I started using my ruler.  Cut cut, stack stack, cut some more!

 Once these were all cut, I sewed my blocks together creating the spinning effect.  I love how it looks with my scraps!
 I needed a 9 inch block for my 368 project, so I added a fun black and white border.

This called for dense quilting in a contrasting thread color.  I have been wanting to play with spiral quilting using a walking foot or a 1/4 inch foot.  I decided now was the time!  Red thread, and a dense spiral later, and I have a block I just love to look at!


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