Blocks 152 thru 155 of 368

For this block I have been contemplating trying to make a lone star.  I made a lone star years and years ago as a gift and didn't think I ever would again.  However the patterns it creates are very gorgeous and its been on my mind to try to make a small one for this project.
My Aunt uses this as a wall hanging headboard in her guest room.
 So, I pulled out the fabrics, elected to try a 1/2 inch sized diamond, and started sewing and cutting.  Soon I realized I only had enough pieces for 3 large diamonds, not 6.  So the design changed a bit, and this triangle look was adopted.  Good thing since it was already bigger than I wanted!
 I added the lines of grey fabric and was reminded that squaring as you go is VERY important in blocks with many pieces! Then I added the blue triangle setting pieces and the green outer border.  Finally filled in the block with a sky blue dyed fabric.
 For the backing I chose a grey print I had on my desk.  I kept the quilting simple - Echo quilting the grey borders across the block.
 The diamonds are jewels of color, and on the whole I am pleased.  This block, like the next, are also very good examples of how this project is a great test of ideas - not all of them work perfectly!


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