Block 156 of 368

This block was my continuing effort to make a lone star block for this project. I had my inspiration - a lone star I made several years ago that still glows from the center out, and my triangle block I made with 1/2 inch blocks.

Since 1/2 inch was too big, I figured how about 1/4 inch?

Oh my.

 Its just horrible, lol.   A couple of threads off is not a big deal when you are working with 1 to 4 inch blocks, or larger.  However, at 1/4 inch, and working with 30 and 60 degree angles - a thread is just too much.
 I went ahead and finished it, with an outer fabric in a grey print.  For the back I chose a matching batik and echo quilted it in a wonky star pattern.
I adore this block.  Its so aweful, its gorgeous.  This is truly what this project is meant to do - allow me to play with ideas that I am either unable, or unwilling to work to execute with a result that is still interesting and I will live with for the rest of my life.   I can't wait to have this quilt finished and come across this block and smile because it is so so 'me'.


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