Mixed Media Fun

I love to combine fiber with other art forms.  I find mixed media this vast fascinating art form with endless possibility.

I have been wanting to play with adding fabric to stretched canvas in various ways.  Before working with a large piece I elected to try with a small one, like most of my experiments with fabric.  Here are the results.

 Starting with a diverse list of items to play with.  I had read about how you can use sharpies to create a tie dye like effect and have been wanting to play with that technique.  I figured that would be my start to this little project.
 But first I wanted to prep my canvas.  I had this little set of 2 stretched canvas at a 2.75 inch size.  Using a thick layer of white acrylic paint I prepped the surface for whatever I wound up with.
 Then I grabbed the items for the tie dye.  I cut squares of off white and white fabric and set them in a tin lid.  I then added lines and dots of sharpies, then dribbled rubbing alcohol over the fabric pieces.  At first I tried using a paint brush to move the colors - but I found you really do dribble the alcohol.  I used up about 2 tablespoons before I was all done.
 Then I set my fabric squares to dry.  The alcohol evaporates - do NOT rinse with water until you are finished OR try to dry fast with an iron - alcohol is flammable!  One cool possibility I learned during this - instead of using scrap printed paper like I did, I would use paper I wanted to play with later instead.  As the alcohol moves off and evaporates it will transfer color to your paper - which you can use later!
 Once my fabric was dry i went ahead and ironed it and then cut a few in little strips.  I free hand cut, and then using grey thread free motion straight stitched them to my base fabric.  I did a kind of weave, leaving gaps to see the base fabric.  Then I put red thread on the machine and free stitched squares from one edge to the other.

I squared things up to the size I thought would work best on this canvas.  I did a quick red ink pen sketched squares to extend the design to the edges of the canvas.  Then it was time for mod podge.

I elected not to sew the fabric to the canvas as I didn't want added bulk or more thread than I already had showing.  Instead I used a matte mod podge and glued the fabric to the canvas, then layered more mod podge over the whole piece.

I let that dry overnight.  At that time I decided to add some dimension with beading and did a couple of lines of beads.

I just love the result.  A little quirky, and a rather interesting mix of color and form.  You will see what you want in this.  It would be fun to do a series of these little ones that will work together, but can be taken alone.

I still have my second prepped mini canvas to play with.  Then, I may brave the larger canvas I have waiting.
What would you do to add fabrics to a stretched canvas?  What are your favorite things to add to mixed media?  what is your favorite techniques to meld differing items together into a whole?

Til next time!


  1. Hello Indigo,

    When I first looked at the pictures I had no idea the canvas was so tiny. What a great result! My first thought was that you could do a series and arrange them together.

    Thank you for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  2. Mixed Media is sew wonderful. Great job. Stopping by from Free Motion Mavericks linky.


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