Blocks 145, 146, 147 and 148 of 368

This block perfectly represents why I started this project in the first place.  Allow me to explain.

In my guild's monthly meeting we have show and tell.  One of the ladies showed this block after explaining how she discovered it online thru a friend and then showed us how it was made.  
Now, I love complicated looking blocks made via a deceptively simple series of steps of sew, cut, sew.  The disappearing style blocks are a favorite, and I had not seen this one.

So, I got home and immediately sent looking for this block instruction online to post on our guild facebook.  And I found it!  Posted it to our facebook page, then of course had to play with it myself.

 I elected to try for 4 shades of blue with a neutral.  Made the four patch blocks and did NOT square them, figuring 'what does it matter'.

Oh, it matters.

This is why my points are not perfect.  However, learning experience!  Perfect for this project!  Folks, square at all steps!

I finished them all up and am quite charmed by this block.  Its snazzy alone, and creates a great secondary pattern together.  The scrappy look of different fabrics with a background neutral tying them together works extremely well with this block movement.

I used contrasting fabrics for the back.  I elected to use the same echo quilting on each block as it just seemed too perfect to mess with.  I may have been tired as well.  Regardless, I am very happy with the results.

Remember, keep sewing!


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